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We at TJ’S Photography and Imaging provide a wide variety of invitations, greeting cards, Announcements etc…  May is one of our busiest times of the year because many of our seniors are ordering their graduation announcements and party invitations.  We also specialize in wedding invitations and other announcements.  We have 3 graphic designers who do incredible work.  We can design up whatever suits you and your needs from a basic one sided postcard to double-sided postcards, bi-fold cards, tri-fold cards and even the newest boutique cards. These designs can be printed on a variety of photo paper or card stock and your custom design can be done using the pictures we take during your photo shoot or you can send us your pictures or try a combination of both . “Custom Designed” means just that.  You will not see templates similar to ours at any photo printing shop.  We provide the personal touch to every design we create.

What if you don’t live in Michigan?  No problem.  One of our designers actually lives in Utah and many of our customers discuss their preferences with our designers over the phone and work is approved over the internet so feel free to use our services even if you live outside of the area.  We are happy to design the perfect project for you using your pictures. (please note that any copyrighted pictures must have a release form or we cannot use them).  Here are a few of our favorites from the past couple of years. The last one you will see is a thank you card which is printed on either photo paper or a one sided postcard and the thank you note is written in the blank area under the words “thank you” with a metallic marker.  It is quite a hit for wedding thank you’s as well.  Please note, cards can be printed in many different sizes. Some of the cards shown below are bi-fold, some are double sided post cards, some are one sided cards or prints and each picture only shows one view so an invitation may have up to 3 views to be complete.