Family Photography in West Bloomfield

Alling Photography was very lucky to provide family photography in West Bloomfield last week at Marshbank Park. This is a great place for family portraits as it has a little bit of everything, woods, water, boardwalks, playgrounds etc… This family was absolutely awesome, we had so much fun taking their family pictures! The kids were so into the whole modeling mode and even had a few ideas of their own on how they would like to be photographed. The whole time we were with them you could just see how much they cared for each other and it really came out in their pictures. And wow, were they ever photogenic! Alling Photography provides family photography all over the Metro Detroit area. When we shoot a family photography session we make sure we include a variety of groupings including the whole family, the parents/parent with the boys, the parents/parent with the girls, siblings together, Parents alone together when applicable and each child individually. Here is a sneak peek into this family portrait session. Thanks so much Miguel and family, we had a wonderful time with you all last week! Click here for more information about our family photography and/or check out our family photography portfolio.

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