Michigan Wedding Photography

Your safety is important to us so due to the current pandemic all consultations will be held online and we will be following the mandated state guidelines whatever they may be at the time and place, which we know may mean changes to your original plans. We are more than willing to be flexible due to varying quarantine/best safe practice situations. If this becomes an issue for your wedding, just know that we will work with you to make the needed changes (even cancel if absolutely necessary). You will not lose your deposit if your changes are due to pandemic shut downs. Alling Photography provides Michigan wedding photography for the discerning couple that realizes that when the vows are said, the party cleaned up and the honeymoon over, all the couple has left is the wedding pictures to remind them of their special day. Therefore, wedding photography should be in the forefront of the planning rather than an afterthought. We try to make it easy for the couple, relieving some of the wedding day stress, knowing that every picture that will be seen from Alling Photography will be color corrected and enhanced in vibrancy, brightness, detail and luminance to make your pictures beautiful to look at even as proofs. Then any portraiture that you order to display in your home will also be retouched to remove all blemishes, enhance skin tones, brighten eyes and do any minor photo shop work where necessary; everything that is needed to make your pictures flawless and beautiful. Wedding-info-pic

Sometime ago as a guest at a wedding, I stood with a crowd of people waiting for the bride and groom to exit the church.  A group of young married couples stood nearby talking about what they thought was most important to spend money on in planning a wedding even if it seemed expensive.  They all agreed that it was worth it to spend more on the wedding photography because they said, “When all is said and done, all that remains is the pictures to remind you of your special day and if you don’t have good wedding pictures, there is not much else.”  YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN INVESTMENT INTO PRESERVING LASTING MEMORIES OF THE MOST SPECIAL DAY IN YOUR LIFE. YOU DON’T WANT TO ENTRUST THAT INVESTMENT TO SOMEONE WHO JUST “HAS A NICE CAMERA” BUT REALLY IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL. One thing you can be sure of with Alling Photography is that your wedding photography will beautifully document your special day.  Our Michigan Wedding Photography encompasses all of the photography on the day of the wedding, bridal photography and pre and post wedding bride & groom photography. Check out a sample of all of our different types of wedding photography in our Wedding & Bridal Photography portfolio.  Also under the heading of Michigan Wedding Photography is our Engagement Photography which can be used in all of your pre-wedding printing, as well as for decorating at the wedding/reception venues on your special day.  Check out some of our favorite engagement pictures in our Engagement Photography portfolio.  We provide all types of wedding and engagement photography throughout lower Michigan and are also willing to do destination areas of upper Michigan when our calendar allows.  Continue to read below to get more detailed information concerning all of our wedding photography options as well as basic pricing information:

Wedding Photography

The relationship between a bride and groom and their photographer is a personal one.  Not every photographer is the right fit for every Bride and Groom on their special day.  Because photography plays such an important role on the wedding day, it is important that couples plan their day with photography in mind and it is important for the couple to meet with the photographer to assure that they are very comfortable with them and their style of photography.   Before booking a wedding, we always have a no obligation pre-wedding consultation to discuss the couples plan & schedule of events, how much formal photography is important to them and how much time they have allotted for that formal photography, the style of photography they prefer, their “must haves” and what their expectations are. This way we are all able to determine if we are the best photographers to fit their needs and together can come up with the best wedding package to fit their needs. This will be valuable information to go over whether we are the right fit for the couple or not because the information we cover in this consultation can be extremely helpful to them as they plan their day.  Don’t worry this is not a sales meeting, in fact, you will not be asked to make any decision or sign any paperwork during the consultation. This consultation can also take place via the phone or skype if the couple is outside of the southeast Michigan area.  Wedding packages vary depending on the wedding plan.  Our wedding packages start at $1800 and all wedding packages include edited digital images with a copyright release allowing unlimited print and web use. We also offer hourly wedding photography for those who only want professional photography during a certain portion of their special day. Our custom wedding packages can include albums, prints, engagement session, custom designed wedding invitations, thank you notes, etc…  Sorry but we are not available to provide photography for Sunday weddings.

Engagement Photography

Our engagement photo session lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours and can take place on location at the customer’s site of choice. We love shooting the engagement pictures almost as much as the wedding day photography because there is no stress and it is just plain fun to capture that couple, totally in love, in a non-stressful environment. And with your engagement portraiture, our TJ’S Imaging graphic designers can design up beautiful Save the Date Announcements, Wedding Invitations with or without matching response cards, Wedding Programs etc… They can also incorporate your engagement pictures into beautiful composites or storyboards to display at the reception and even a portrait guest book for your wedding guests to sign at the wedding and reception. The cost for an Engagement session is $250 or $150 with a booked wedding package and includes the session, editing, an online gallery for easy ordering and sharing, and one set of all the proof prints to keep.

Bridal Photography 

Our Bridal Photo Session lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours and is an opportunity for the Bride to get every last detail of herself in that beautiful dress that she will only wear for a short time at a time when there is no stress and she can just be her beautiful self. Portraits from a bridal photo session are usually used to decorate at the reception venue or in a pictorial guestbook along with engagement pictures. It is really lovely to walk into a reception venue and see a beautiful portrait or composite of portraits of the bride decorating the entry way. Really, weddings are mostly all about the bride anyway, right? The cost for a Bridal session is $250 or $150 with a booked wedding package and includes the session, editing, an online gallery for easy ordering and sharing, and one set of all the proof prints to keep. 

Pre or Post Wedding Bride & Groom Session

A Pre or Post Wedding Bride & Groom photo session is a great way to capture all of the love between the bride and groom without all the wedding day stress. It can be scheduled on a date prior to or after the wedding and usually lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours (a post session is sometimes called the “trash the dress session”, because after the wedding day there are no worries about taking pictures in areas where the dress could possibly get dirty or even wet, as long as the couple is comfortable with that). This session eliminates the need to take the extra time on the actual wedding day to take all of the pictures you are going to want of the Bride and Groom. When all is said and done, what most couples want to hang around their home is wedding pictures of the two of them that emulate the eternal love that the couple shares for one another. In order to get the type of shots that can be set up in a Bride & Groom session on the wedding day, extra time for that photography must be planned into the wedding day schedule. This session eliminates the need to do that and is often less expensive than scheduling extra time on the actual wedding day. Another benefit of a pre or post wedding bride & groom session is that with less formal pictures taken on the actual wedding day, the wedding schedule flows better and guests don’t have to wait as long to get right to the reception. A Pre or Post Wedding Bride & Groom Session is $250 or $150 with a booked wedding package and includes the session, editing, an online gallery for easy ordering and sharing, and one set of all the proof prints to keep. This is also a great session for those couples who eloped or who had a destination wedding without a professional photographer for their wedding day.

Our portraits and products are ordered through a variety of companies whose color and quality are always outstanding.  There is no minimum purchase of pictures required and fully retouched prints start at $35 for an 8×10, $20 for a 5×7 and $17 for a sheet of 8 wallets.  And with every image that you order a 5×7 or larger print we include it in a digital album that can be saved on your mobile device, computer or shared on social media sites. We also offer beautiful wedding albums, mounted and framed portraiture, canvas gallery wraps, standouts, metal prints, canvas block wraps, digital albums that are easy to upload and keep on mobile devices and share on social media sites, digital images with copyright release and almost any other portrait product you can imagine.  We also have in house graphic designers to provide you with beautiful custom designed wedding albums, wedding invitations, “Save the Date” announcements, pictorial guest book, customized thank you notes etc…  To receive additional information or to book a no-obligation consultation call us at 810-220-3464 or contact Alling Photography.