Michigan Family Photography

If you are thinking it is time to get new family pictures taken this year, now is the time to act. We at Alling Photography want to inform you that if you book a family photography session for anytime during the summer or fall of 2018 by July 15th, we will donate $40 to U CAN-CER VIVE Foundation where 100% of the proceeds benefit cancer research in Michigan, and you will still get your free 8×10. By getting your session on the books early this year you don’t pay any more for your session AND YOU HELP OTHERS!

Alling Photography covers a broad range of photography under the category of Michigan Family Photography.  Family portraiture includes Maternity Photography, Newborn & Baby Photography, Children & Teen Photography and Family Photography.  We provide family photography sessions all throughout the Metro Detroit Area as well as outlying areas in and near Oakland, Macomb and even Livingston County such as Brighton, Pinckney, Howell, Milford, Hartland and South Lyon. And we have extended our Michigan Family Photography designated area to include Kalamazoo and Muskegon on designated dates at no additional charge.  To find out more detailed information about our various family photo sessions as well as pricing information, continue to read on below:


All of Alling Photography’s various family photography sessions are $250 and include the hours of professional photography designated below, image editing, online viewing, an ordering consult, one 8×10 in the pose of choice, and at least 2 pictures posted to facebook and/or instagram (optional).  Individual families over 6 people are an additional $20 per person for the session (family groups that include one immediate family plus grandparents or a grandchild or two can be photographed as an individual family).  

Large extended family groups that include more than one family taking pictures of each individual family as well as combinations of the extended family are $175 per individual family within the extended family (for couples with no at home children it’s $125). However, if there is a grandparent or grandparents of all of these extended families, the grandparent or grandparents in these large extended family groups are free. Each individual family or couple receive one free 8×10 in the pose of choice.

Morning, late afternoon or evening sessions are available Monday-Saturday.  No sessions are scheduled for Sundays. Our portraits and products are ordered through a variety of companies whose color and quality are always outstanding and we stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

*There is no minimum purchase of pictures required and fully retouched prints start at $30 for an 8×10, $19 for a 5×7 and $16 for a sheet of 8 wallets. We also offer all types of photography products, including but not limited to mounted and framed portraiture, standouts, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, canvas blocks, digital albums that are easy to upload and keep on mobile devices and share on social media sites, digital images with copyright release etc… Furthermore, we offer all types of graphic design artwork, using you portraiture in custom designed photo albums, composites, storyboards, greeting cards, announcements, etc… To receive additional information for any of the below sessions or to book a session call us directly at 810-220-3464 or contact Alling Photography.

Family Photography

Family portrait sessions usually last 2 hours and can take place on location at the customers home or designated place. The best light for a family group, especially if it is large, is outside somewhere, so that is always our first choice for family portraiture.  During a family session we take pictures of all the different groupings to give you a wide variety of choices in pictures.  For example: Pictures of the full family group, Pictures of Mom and/or Dad, pictures of kids individually, pictures of just the kids together, pictures of girls together, pictures of boys together, pictures of Mom/Dad with the girls, pictures of Mom/Dad with the boys etc… The varied groupings make especially nice custom designed albums.  Check out our Families, Children & Teens photography portfolio.

Children & Teen Photography

Children & teen portrait sessions all typically last about 1 to 2 hours and can be taken onsite at the customers designated location or in our studio.  No matter the ages we try to capture the friendly interaction between the siblings. The best portraiture for children & teens takes place when they are in their element having fun.  In the case of small children, we follow the kids around while they play to capture the best natural smiles that you just can’t get enough of.  We also often use Mom and/or Dad as props for these pictures, again making it a bit like a family photo session, but the focus is all about the kids.  Check out our Families, Children & Teen photography portfolio.

Maternity Photography

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman about to give birth and/or the love between a soon to be mother and father as they contemplate the beginning of their little family.  Alling Photography’s maternity portraiture can be taken in the great outdoors or in the privacy of our studio.  We do not take nude maternity shots, but are happy to take pictures where the belly is exposed and have some nice fabrics for modest draping to cover private areas while leaving the belly exposed. The best time to take your maternity portraits is between 7.5 to 8 months of pregnancy.  Check out our Maternity & Babies photography portfolio.

Newborn Photography

Oh the wonder of a new little baby!  Newborn portrait sessions can take as much as 2 or more hours because we work around the baby and their temperament stopping as needed to keep the baby comfortable.  During a baby session we get pictures of the baby alone in several different positions and settings, we take pictures of the details like face, hands, feet and then also with the parents and sometimes siblings, making it a bit of a family portrait session, but keeping the focus on that beautiful new little baby.  Newborn photography is best done within 10 days after birth if you are looking for those sleeping baby shots.  Newborn portraiture can be taken either on location at home in their own surroundings, wherever the customer designates or in our studio. Check out our Maternity & Babies photography portfolio.

Baby Photography

Baby portrait sessions usually take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours or even longer depending on the babies temperament and can be taken on location at home in their own comfortable surroundings, outside on a nice day or in our studio.  The sessions often include Mom and/or Dad and sometimes even siblings as props, so it becomes a bit like family photography, but the focus is all about baby. Check out our Maternity & Babies photography portfolio.