Beyond The Mask movie still playing

Alling Photography had the privilege of being the photographer at the “Beyond The Mask” movie premier and here are a few of our favorite pictures of the stars, director and producer of this fine film. “Beyond The Mask” movie will still be playing at least through Thursday. To find a theater near you go to It is a Faith based film appropriate for the whole family filled with action, adventure, romance and suspense with a good storyline, great acting and fun special effects. The movie stars Andrew Cheney (Rebels Of The Book, Seasons Of Gray) as William Reynolds, Kara Killmer (Chicago Fire, If I Can Dream) as Charlotte Holloway, John Rhys-Davies (The Lord Of The Rings series, Raiders Of The Lost Arc series) as Charles Kemp, Alan Madlane (Wendigo, Train Station) as Benjamin Franklin and Ade M’Cormack (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Battle Los Angeles) as Joshua Brand. Also included in the cast were Thomas Mahard, Charlie Newhart, Michael Ellison, Annie Kitral and John Arden McClure. Beyond The Mask was directed by Chad Burns, produced by Aaron Burns, the music composer was Jurgen Beck and the film was made in Michigan.

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