Family Photography in Depot Town

May I just say, “What a cute family!” We shot this family photography in Depot Town, Ypsilanti.  What a great place to shoot! Depot Town, Ypsilanti has a little bit of everything: cool buildings, railroad tracks, great ally ways, a nice downtown area, bridges, water and woods and it sure helps to have a very photogenic family to show off your work.  Right now is the perfect time to have family pictures taken, when it is still pleasant outside and the colors are just beginning to change. And once the colors change you have even more beautiful backgrounds for family photography! Alling Photography books on location photo sessions all over the southeast Michigan area and over on the southwest side of the state on designated dates. This little family has been a favorite of ours for several years. We had the pleasure of taking this couples engagement pictures and then we photographed their wedding, took newborn pictures when this darling little girl was born, took mother daughter pictures last fall and now family pictures. What a pleasure it has been to work with them. Just look at the eyes of this sweet toddler. Absolutely adorable!!!

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